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Gas Analysis



ADC Gas Analysis Ltd
•  Comprehensive range of Non-Dispersive Infra Red (NDIR) gas analysers:
     -Purity, BioGas
     -Combustion analysis systems
     -Heat treatment systems
•  Single gas, multi-gas systems
•  Stack O2 & dust monitors




Bühler Technologies GmbH
•  Paramagnetic and zirconia O2 analysers
•  NDIR range of analysers and systems
•  Sample conditioning systems & components




Eco Physics AG
•  Specialist in chemiluminescence NO/NO2 /NO X & NH3 measurement from ppt to % range
•  Extensive range of converters for various applications




Edinburgh Sensors Ltd
•  A range of infra red gas monitors and OEM sensors for CO2 , CH4 , CO, N2O, NH3 , HCs & refrigerants
•  HVAC monitors/controllers




Environnement SA
•  Continuous emission monitoring systems
•  Ambient air quality monitoring systems
•  Industrial & engine exhaust gas systems
•  On-line water quality monitoring




Gas Data Ltd
•  Specialist in portable & fixed BioGas monitoring systems
•  Portable IAQ, CO2 and flow measuring instruments
•  Complete range of landfill gas analysers
•  Environmental monitoring & logging systems




Hitech Instruments Ltd
•  Zirconia & electrochemical O2 ppm/% monitors
•  Thermal conductivity gas monitors for CO2 , H2 , Ar, He, Freons etc.
•  Modified atmosphere food pack analyser
•  Alternator purge gas monitors




International Controlled Atmosphere Ltd
•  Measurement & control instruments for use in the food and perishable storage industry
•  CO2 /O2 monitors and systems
•  CA room control systems
•  Post harvest analysers




Madur Electronics
•  A comprehensive range of portable flue & combustion monitors, using electrochemical & IR gas sensors
•  Stationary gas analysis systems
•  IR sensors




•  OEM paramagnetic O2 sensors and analysers




Norsk Elektro Optikk AS
•  TDLAS Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy analysis for gases
•  In-situ, extractive & open-path
•  Dust monitors in-situ & open-path




Signal Group Ltd
•  A comprehensive range of gas analysis equipment for ambient, flue & automotive exhaust etc.
•  Techniques include: chemiluminescent, NDIR, UV, FID & paramagnetic
•  Systems & project design




Telegan Gas Monitoring Ltd
•  Portable FID monitors
•  Combustion efficiency monitors
•  Gas leak detectors





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